Below are a selection of recent pictures. All works are for sale, and generally priced between £100 - £150 unframed. I paint mostly from life around me, and especially enjoy painting outside en Plein Air. Please contact me for further details.



Plein Air water colour at Judy's allotment, of a patch of dahlias growing in confusion.



Wooden bowl of fruit water colour demo at my little class.



"Cabbage and onions" water colour 24x18 cm

A first use of Brusho powders to enliven the colours.



"Pot, saucer and cup" water colour 



               "John's red roses" water colour 35 X 26.5 cm

     Rose flower heads on a napkin.



                              "Daffodils in a jug" (mixed media) 34cm x 24.5cm



"Chair in the sunshine" water colour 44.5x33 cm



"Starlings over West Pier" water colour 53x34 cms.

One of three paintings made in response to seeing the starling murmurations at dusk over the West Pier, Brighton.




                       "Vases and bowl" (water colour) 32.5cm X 24.5 cms


                     A water colour demo of a bowl of fruit at one of my little classes.



                  Still life of bananas and flowers in water colour.


Schoolchildren in Hove Park (en Plein air water colour) 33cm X 24cm



Looking towards Shoreham power station (en Plein air water colour) 34.5 cm X 24 cm


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