Below are a selection of recent pictures. All works are for sale. I paint mostly from life around me, and especially enjoy painting outside en Plein Air. Please contact me for further details at and see my latest work on Instagram #shirleymayartist.


                    "In the Woods near Devil's Dyke" (Plein air/studio, acrylics on canvas, 61 x 40 cm) £250



              "Devil's Dyke this afternoon"  (Acrylics on canvas, Plein air, 61 x 40.5 cms) £250 unframed.




             "Up Towards Ditchling Beacon" (60 x 40 acrylics on canvas, £250)

                    Painted en Plein air and developed further in the studio.

             (Received Highly Commended Award in The Artist and Leisure Painter 2022 Awards.)




                 "Stanmer Park, old tree." (Acrylics on canvas, 60 x 40 cms, £250

                      Painted en Plein air and developed further in the studio.)



"Moon and Venus"

(Acrylics on primed cardboard. 49 x 40.5 cms)

£200 unframed

"Washing on my Line"

Gouache on hot pressed paper 38cm x 28cm

en Plein air

Winner of TALP Caran D'Ache Award 2020

£200 unframed



"Garden Chair" (23.4.20)

water colour on HP paper

en Plein air

18.5 cm x 14 cm

£85 unframed



                                   "Backyard" (acrylics on textured acrylic paper, 31.5 x 23.5 cms) £150 unframed





"Lilies" (27.4.20)

Water colour on HP paper 

38 cm x 28 cm

£100 unframed



                           "Sunset Hove Beach" 

                            (Acrylics 28 x 19.5 cms)




"Sheets" (25.6.20)

Water colour on paper

en Plein air

21 cm x 12.5 cm



"Flowers on the Table" (23.6.20)

Gouache on HP paper

28 cm x 25.5 cm




"Pink Roses" (12.9.19)

Gouache on paper

25 cm x 19 cm




"Stanmer Park" (3.9.19)

Gouache on paper

en Plein air

23.5 cm x 17 cm




"Daffodils in a Jug" 

mixed media on paper

34 cm x 24.5 cm





"Starlings over West Pier" water colour 53x34 cms. £120

One of three paintings made in response to seeing the starling murmurations at dusk over the West Pier, Brighton.




                       "Vases and bowl" (water colour) 32.5cm X 24.5 cms £100



"Schoolchildren in Hove Park"

water colour on paper

33 cm x 24 cm

en Plein air, then studio 



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