Below are a selection of recent pictures. All works are for sale, and generally priced between £100 - £150 unframed. They are direct, uplifting pictures. I paint mostly from life around me, and especially enjoy painting outside en Plein Air. Please contact me for further details.


"Bird in a Pot" 

water colour 25cm x 19cm



“Pink Roses” (12.9.19) gouache on paper.

painted a s a demo for little class.


                        "Apples on Newspaper" (water colour)

                         32x25 cm



“Stanmer Park” (3.9.19) gouache on paper 23.5 x 17 cm



“Christchurch Priory” gouache on paper (6.8.19) 21 x 17 cm

Painted en Plein air



“Newhaven from Seaford” (31.8.19) gouache on paper 38 x 28 cm

Painted en Plein air as part of Seaford Crypt Gallery Painting Challenge.

Third place.



                              "Daffodils in a jug" (mixed media) 34cm x 24.5cm



"Starlings over West Pier" water colour 53x34 cms.

One of three paintings made in response to seeing the starling murmurations at dusk over the West Pier, Brighton.




                       "Vases and bowl" (water colour) 32.5cm X 24.5 cms



Schoolchildren in Hove Park (en Plein air water colour) 33cm X 24cm

Painted at first en Plein air, and completed at home.


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